Skin Clinic Concentrated Retinol Treatment Serum 10x 1 oz Bev Sidders Skincare
Bev Sidders Skincare

Skin Clinic of VA Concentrated Retinol + Bakuchiol Treatment Serum 10x (1 oz.)

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Product Details: This product uses Retinol for cell turnover to treat discoloration, fine lines, wrinkles, pore size and blemishes but with the added benefit of Bakuchiol. Bakuchiol is a botanical ingredient that mimics the effects of retinol but also boosts overall antioxidant activity. This benefits the skin by reducing redness, irritation and dryness that can be caused by retinoids. This combination works to treat and repair the skin in one step.

Key Ingredients: Bakuchiol, Retinol, Caffeine

Key Benefits: You get the benefits of a retinol with less side effects than tretinoin.

How to use: Apply 3-4 drops all over face after cleansing and moisturizing.

Note: This is the strongest retinol I have found available for those clients that prefer not to use a prescription strength tretinoin. Your skin will flake initially as your skin gets acclimated to this strong retinol. Wash hands thoroughly after application of all your nighttime products. Apply this product on a clean and moisturized face. I follow this retinol with Enriched Nighttime Biotherapy and 3-4 drops of my Skin Clinic of VA jojoba facial serum.

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